Costa del Sole

The name Costa del Sole means translates the Sun Coast. It is about 10 km long and is located on the western side of Elba Island.

The life of residents and visitors takes place mainly in the villages Chiessi, Pomonte, Fetovaia, Seccheto, Cavoli and Colle d’Orano which a road with a panoramic view connect. From this main road go always side roads away. They go to the sea or the mountain, where there are many hiking trails. The panoramic views of the Tuscan Archipelago is breathtaking.

The coast offers a variety of beaches, sand, granite rocks and coves, many of them are accessible only by foot or by sea. For sure you spend unforgettable hours in these bays and you’ll see the most beautiful sunsets.

Here it is possible to spend a varied holiday. You can swim at the beach and enjoy the sun, get to know the nature by long walks, hiking in the mountains, climb the rocks or just enjoy the colors and scents of the Mediterranean. In the nature you find especially rosemary, lavender and broom, which smell wonderful. The “Costa del Sole” takes good care of the tourists with information sheets about the history of the island, like the granite processing or wine terraces.

The apartments “Costa del Sole” are in Seccheto and Fetovaia.